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Nancy W. Grossman


LISTEN now, children, and you shall hear

Of the daylight ride of Paul Revere,

The thirteenth December, of Seventy-Four;

Hardly a student of Portsmouth lore

Remembers that famous day and year...

Four months before his long-famous ride

On the eighteenth of April, his ride through the night

After spotting the signal across the tide

That troops were afoot, the lantern light –

His “One, if by land, and two, if by sea” –

This peripatetic patriot, free

To drop all his work – news must travel fast!

At values-as-action, no one surpassed.

That wasn’t his first ride, nor either his last.

The British, quite conscious of gathering threat,

To the rebels would leave no shell, bayonet,

No powder keg, cannon, no arms for their cause,

To men who would free themselves of the King’s laws.

Such was the rumor o’erspreading the street,

As patriots eyed King George’s fleet

At anchor in Boston.  A December sleet

Did nothing to quell the fast-rising fear

That harsh retribution was fast growing near…


by Nancy Grossman

Nancy W. Grossman © 2019