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Nancy W. Grossman

Basic Publishing Package

FILE PREPARATION  [$50/hour]  ~  For manuscripts submitted to us with problems and needing correction before formatting. Estimated charges will be provided upon submission of a sample chapter. Many simple errors will be corrected on a no-charge basis.

IMAGE PREPARATION   [$5.00 per image]  

BOOK LAYOUT & DESIGN, FICTION/NON-FICTION  ~  Text layout, $570 to $950, depending on the complexity and length of your book. This includes as appropriate: title page, copyright page, dedication, table of contents, list of illustrations, acknowledgments, preface, introduction, body text, bibliography, index, and author's biography.

ENDNOTES [$10 per 100 citations.]  ~  Study the proper layout for endnotes or ask me for help.  

COVER DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN  ~  Your cover design and copy will be developed with your input and approval every step of the way. See “Cover Design” below.


How many ISBNs you will need depends on how many ways you intend to publish your work - hard cover books, trade paperbacks, mass market paperbacks and ebooks all require individual ISBNs. You have two options when it comes to these important little numbers from Bowker, the inventors of the ISBN and the publisher of Books in Print:

*BARCODE [$20 per ISBN number]

* Point to consider: neither an ISBN nor a barcode are required if your book is only intended for family and friends, or if you will be selling it directly, at lectures for example. Both, however, are required if your plans include marketing through stores or on-line outlets.

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CONTROL NUMBER [LCCN - no fee]  ~  I handle the paperwork. As soon as it comes in from the Library of Congress, it goes on the copyright page of your book.

COPYRIGHTS  ~  According to the U.S. Copyright Office, copyright protection for your original work automatically exists "from the moment the work is created." Registering for a copyright is voluntary, but you cannot sue another entity for copyright infringement without having registered your work within three months of publication. Should you wish to copyright your book, go to the U.S. Government Copyright web page.

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