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Max Blankfeld, After Germany’s Fall   

Patty Belanger, I’m on Pause

Susan Benedict, illustrated by Judith Andrews, A Home for Hazel

Peggy Betakis, Kito: An Elephant’s Life

Jonathan Bloomfield, Palestine

Andrew Boemi,The Last Painting of Michelangelo  

Morrison Bonpasse, with Chad Evans, Eye Contact: The Mysterious Death in 2000 of Kassidy Bortner and the Wrongful Convictions of Chad Evans and Amanda Bortner

Jan Bornstein, The Song Trilogy: Beyond Beautiful, Sweet Emotions and Deuces Are Wild

Don Bourassa, My Names Is Janet

Bridge, Menning, Bellavance, Cohen, Stoneman, Wright & Chandler, Writing with Class:  Stories and Poems, facilitated by Deb McKew

Loni Burchett, Bear and Katie and The Kentucky Derby: Run for the Roses, A Crazy Day at the Beach, A Day at Nestlenook Farm,  A Day with Friends, The Great Searsport Caper, Lost in the White Mountains, Rescue at Shaver Lake:A Brave Dog Named PeeWee McGoo and The Riverboat Ride

Andrea Caesar, Twist of Lyme: Battling a Disease That “Doesn’t Exist”

Karen Calloway, After the Rain

Richard Candee, Building Portsmouth and Wallace Nutting’s Portsmouth  

Carroll, Hart & Susan Meffert, The Oqunquit Playhouse: 75 Years and The Oqunquit Playhouse:  80 Years

Layne Case, Charlie, Charlie and His New Friends, Charlie and His Neighbor, Charlie and the School Bully,  Charlie and His Lost Friend, and Inspirations

The Chevy Chase Historical Society, The Placenames of Chevy Chase, Maryland

Thomas Clarie, Pharos: A Lighthouse for Alexandria  and Memories for the Future:A History of Palm Beach's Royal Poinciana Playhouse  

Hiram Connell, Travels with Yeti

Susan Daigneault, In the Shadow of a Mountain: A Soldier’s Struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Michael Dater, George W, the Son King , and The Son Also Sets

John Derhak, Tales from the moe. Republic, Chill Your Cockles and The Bones of Lazarus

Nick Diana, City Puppies: The Seacoast Edition, The Newburyport Edition, The Oceanside Edition and The Triple Cities Edition

Gerry Doughtery, Slippery Slope: A Middle-Aged Guy's Bumpy Run from  Early Retirement to Ski Bum to Ski Patroller to Physician Assistant!

David Ewing, Northfield Mount Hermon School Class Fiftieth Reunion

Erica Ferencik, Cracks in the Foundation  and Repeaters

Heather Ferguson, Norma Jean Lutz, and Lisa Roy; illustrated by Becca Morella, Karma’s a  Blessing

Helene Ferranti,  Sailing to Antarctica

Richard Frye, Last Tram to Avalanche Canyon

Chuck Galle, Stories I Never Told My Daughter

Jenny Grossman, The Mind of a Rabbit Hole

Joseph W. Hardy, Settlement and Abandonment on Tatnic Hill: An Eclectic History of Wells, Maine, 1600- 1900

Bill Holly, Love Letters to Spike: A Telegrapher’s Lament

Cindy Houghton, Out of the Fog

David Hurst, Freedom from Ear Disease

Joseph Kafko, Two Rooms

Dot Radius Kasik & Ann Aalgaard, Actions Mightier Than Boastings

Marie Kelly, Snapshots

Margaret Kelly, Sarah - Her Story

Ernst Ketel, S.O.U.L., Spiritual Order of Unconditional Love

Wilhelmina Kipp, Willy: From the French Résistance in Europe to the Fashion Runways of America …

Jay Kirschner, Mad River

Dennis Kleinman, Dream-Riders: Knightmare

Carol Lincoln, The Strange Tale of the Determined Crocodile

Keeley Shea Patricia McCabe, illustrated by Abigail Hartford,  It’s Not Always As It Seems  (A Story about Dyslexia)

Melinda Mallon, 100 Little Things

Dick Matthews, Notes from an Innkeeper’s Journal

Neil McCurry, Pop’s Last Ride

Melissa Moog, Itsabelly

Steve Mosher, Rear View, We Still Do, Frost Heaves, and Finding Time for Cancer

Colette O'Connor, Success in School

Old Berwick Historical Society, The Placenames of South Berwick

Peter Pacik, When Sex Seems Impossible

Gary Patton, The Selling of Mt. Washington

Elizabeth Pettiford, Family in the Attic

Piscataqua Decorative Arts Society, Volume III,  2007-2009 Lecture Series

Martha Dodds Potter, Spofford Lake: A Retrospective of Her Cottages, Camps & Resorts

Nancy Prince, Libby’s Loons

Lisa Powell, Mind Matters: I’m a Little Author

Philip Rahbany, Moons, Rivers and Rosebuds

Rice Library, Kittery: Gateway to Maine

Tom Riskas, Deconstructing Mormonism

Helen Rivas-Rose, Brave

J. Dennis Robinson, Strawbery Banke: a Seacoast Museum 400 Years in the Making

Jack Rose, Thanks, Jack

Beverly Russell, The Adventures of Kundun the Golden Cat

Erin Ryan, The Barrier

John Sands, The Sands Genealogy and The Keating Genealogy

Joe Smiga, Behind the Lies

Angelo Solera, The Journey, and its Spanish translation, El Camino

Ann Stearns, Noorland

Phillip W. Stewart, America’s Film Vault, Battlefilms, and War Wings: Films of the First Air War  

Lucy Therrien, Dual Citizen

Tyler Tischlaar, Superior Heritage, Iron Pioneers, Queen City, Narrow Lives, The Only Thing That Lasts and My Marquette

Avis Townsend, The Collective Life Charles Rand Penney

Joyce Tracksler, Home of the Brave

Donald Trefethen, Playing in the Puddle

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,  Fiftieth Anniversary

Timothy Wahlberg, Finding the Gray: Understanding and Thriving in the Black and White World  of Autism and Asperger's

Ruowen Wang,  the Little Wen series, the Han Bear series, Froggy, My Stone Lion, and Grampa Joe

Jeanne Westcott, Boundaries

Richard Wren, Casey’s Slip

James Zavez, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

John Zumbo,  Step Up!, Get Fit!

Jeffrey Zymont, I am Bill Gates’ Dog, Ad Man in the Games of 2046, and The Dropout


This is a listing of all the books on which I’ve worked, one way or the other, either reading the manuscript and providing an analysis for the author, proofreading, editing and/or layout and design, whatever was needed. If you would like to be in touch with any of our authors, those who have provided either website or email links welcome your interest.


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